Amazing Ways To Gain Weight Naturally (100% Effective)

Being thin isn’t always a great feeling! We mostly talk about weight loss issues, but there are also lean people in this world who genuinely want to gain a few pounds. Well, there are as many nick names for skinny people as for fat ones. You may have called your skinny buddies with these names – skeletal, matchstick, hanger, undernourished – or you might have heard them from your friends! It surely gives a feeling of embarrassment to the receiver.

It is good to be slim but being skinny is troublesome. Are you worried about your weight and want to put on some pounds? Don’t worry! Here is a list of foods that may add up to extra pounds on your body, making you look healthy and fit.

Here are 10 Natural ways to gain weight that you can follow to put on a few Kgs!

1. Try Red Meat:


Red meat is high in cholesterol and an effective way to gain weight easily. Meat contains a high amount of proteins and iron. You could just add a few drops of olive oil and toss the fresh red meat in the oven for a perfect healthy diet to add weight. The best parts of meat, such as a piece of rib, t-bone, strip and beef tenderloin, have good source of fats. But remember to avoid combining red meat with high saturated fats – this combo is definitely not the way to gain weight in a healthy way!

2. Use Peanut Butter:



Peanuts are packed with protein and fat. It offers an ideal meal portion for people trying to gain weight naturally. A single tablespoon of peanut butter has around 100 calories. Peanut butter also contains vitamins like magnesium, folic acids, Vitamin B and Vitamin E. Apply a thick layer of peanut butter to a whole wheat bread for a healthy breakfast and to boost up your calorie intake.

3. Switch To Whole Fat Milk:


A simple solution to gain weight is replacing your skimmed milk with whole milk. Whole milk will give you 60 extra calories per glass than the skimmed milk. Milk is also full of vitamins and nutrients. It is also a rich source of Vitamin D and A. You can take whole milk with oatmeal and cereal. No matter how you consume it, it will offer your health a whole lot of good!

4. Eat Fruits:


Fruits, especially tropical fruits can help you gain weight. Mango, bananas, papayas and pineapple have good natural sugar, which is a great way to gain weight. These fruits with natural sugars fill up your stomach and give you instant energy. You can simply make a sweet dessert adding these fruits and skipping saturated artificial sugars. If you find it boring to eat fruits and vegetables plain, then put them together and blend them to make a yummy smoothie.

5. Awesome Avocado:


Avocados are an excellent way to add good healthy fats to your diet. Just a half of an avocado contains 140 calories. It is also a good source of vitamins and minerals, such as high levels of Vitamin E, folic acid and potassium. So remember to enjoy avocado as salads. You can even spread it on your toast.

6. Go For Whole Wheat Bread:


Whole wheat bread is an amazing way to gain weight easily. If you are adding whole wheat bread to your diet, toss it up with grains. Whole wheat bread has enough nutrients to support a healthy breakfast and also add enough calories. They also contain fiber and minerals that are missing in the normal white breads. The whole wheat bread as breakfast will keep you stay full for longer period of time.


7. Ginger: 


Ginger is of great help when it comes to poor appetite. It warms up the digestive track, thereby increasing the flow of blood and boosting the hunger. You can either sip a cup of ginger tea daily or suck on ginger pieces..

8. Go Nuts:


Nuts are a great snacks choice when it comes to gaining weight. They have good sources of fat and nutrients. Nuts also contain a good deal of fiber. Eating mixed nuts can keep you full for longer period of time. You can easily carry them in your bags to work or college.

9. Cheesy Cheese:


Cheese comes in many delicious varieties, so you can pair it with your favorite dish. It has all the nutritional benefits of milk products. Most of the cheese varieties contain high amount of fat, which is beneficial for those people who are trying to gain weight. One serving of cheese can add 69 calories, as it is made from concentrated milk that provides proteins, calcium, cholesterol and fat to the body.


10. Give Potatoes A Try:


Potatoes are crammed with carbohydrates. All forms of this stuffy food have major impact on weight gain. You can grill or bake potatoes with butter. People who eat potato chips and French fries tend to gain weight faster. Make French fries using extra virgin oil, if you like them.

  • Moreover, you can also make a delicious potato salad. Peel and slice potato. Boil them and mix them with the high calorie ingredients like buttermilk, mayonnaise, and veggies.

Note – If you eat French fries regularly, limit your potato consumption to twice a week.


  • Drink 8 glasses of water every day to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Eat healthy calorie foods like sweets, chocolates, ice-cream, and cakes that are rich in calories, moderately.
  • Cook food in healthy oils and fats.
  • Consume more dairy fats like milk and cheese.


  • Never eat fruits on an empty stomach, as it will shed your weight.
  • Avoid fluids before lunch because they lessen your appetite.
  • Quit smoking, as it may cause weight loss.
  • Refrain from performing excess physical work.